Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chi-Noceros Print by Phineas X. Jones

Dusk Variant
For quite a long time the only thing rarer around here than a wild rhinoceros has been a for-sale Chi-Noceros. But finally a new batch has been produced and released to graze upon the urban veldt of Chicago.

There are, in fact, two variants of the Chi-Noceros available. The main version, printed on Speckletone Kraft paper, and the "Dusk" version, printed on Steel Blue paper. Both versions are rather small editions and will not likely be around long. (As of this writing, only 13 of the Dusk variant are still available.) If you've been waiting for a Chi-Noceros, act now.

Chi-Noceros, Second Edition

Size: 24" x 18" Screenprint
Paper: French Speckletone Kraft (Main variant) or French Steel Blue (Dusk variant) 100 lb. Cover
Screens: Five
Edition of 65 (Main) and 24 (Dusk). Signed and numbered.
Buy the Regular Edition HERE
Buy the Dusk Variant HERE

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