Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Angryblue Pearl Jam Santiago Chile Poster on sale today

Angryblue created a badass poster for for his first time doing a Pearl Jam poster. As long time fan of his work I was really happy to see him get the chance to show off his skills.

Details from Justin:
I wanted to do something that played into the region where the show is, so I did a play off of 2 Chilote myths. Most of the myths i was able to dig up with complete DOOMBRINGERS and I liked the idea of using them, but doing a different take on their origins. The Conieuma (a double flower that screams as a child on new moon) and Basilisco Chilote. I liked the idea of the normally murderous Basilisk being protective.

This 5-color print is appx 18 x 36.

Pearl Jam's Ten Club will be selling the poster on Today 3/14/12 at a random time between 9am-11am PST. You must be a member of the Ten Club to purchase the poster. Variants will not be included

Buy it HERE

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