Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mondo Gallery Randy Ortiz Lord Necronom Print AP On Sale Details

Randy Ortiz is a self-taught illustrator from Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. An architectural technologist by day, Ortiz has been working freelance for the past six years, garnering an impressive list of clients and galleries, including Gallery1988, Spoke Art Gallery, and Mondo Tees. He primarily works with pencils, Adobe Photoshop, and a Cintiq, and has recently started exploring screenprinting.

One of the new artists Mondo had at their recent gallery opening in Austin was Randy Ortiz. He sent me a message to let all of you know his killer Lord Necronom print will be going on sale Friday at a random time in the afternoon.

"Lord Necronom"
18x24" 3 Color (2 metallics)
17 APs only for sale!

Keep an eye on the following links to see when he will drop them.




On sale in his store:

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