Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jeff Soto blink-182 20th Anniversary Poster on sale today

Jeff Soto is the artist for March's blink-182 20th Anniversary celebration. Only 182 numbered posters will be on sale today at a random time. On the 20th of each month they will be releasing one screen printed poster that will be handed numbered edition of 182. Numbers 1 - 10 and number 182 are held back for the band and family. This project is to celebrate the bands 20 years. Also look for a giveaway of the poster on this blog in the coming weeks.

The April poster will be done by Tyler Stout

The band edition will be on sale today at a random time HERE

Jeff Soto's artist's edition color variant (shown above), in an edition of only 75. Size is 18" x 24", printed on Cream Speckletone paper.

Available on Wednesday, March 21 at noon PST. $82 + shipping http://www.potatostamp.com


  1. So the print for the artist edition isn't going to be a different color? It's just going to be printed on a better paper?

  2. Honestly not sure, it was odd the one in the Blink store was the same as the artist edition

  3. Missed the drop and now they are already on eBay for $250 :(

    Hopefully will be able to get next months one


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