Thursday, March 15, 2012

Billy Perkins bringing the Bacon to Flatstock

I tried working the words to that old commercial, bring home the bacon fry up in a pan, into the title but it just would not go.

It's spring once more in Austin, Texas and that means it's time for SXSW and the annual FLATSTOCK Poster Show. Over 100 rock poster artists are in town showing and selling their prints at the Austin Convention Center. If you've never been to a Flatstock show, it's a pretty awe-inspiring collection of work.

FLATSTOCK 33 is Wed, March 14 from 2-6pm, and Thurs - Sat, March 17 from 11am-6pm. Come see me, it's totally FREE TO THE PUBLIC. No wristband is required to attend Flatstock!

Billy Perkins Flatstock 33 "bacon" print will be printed onsite during Flatstock by master printer Andy MacDougall and Coronado Studio's Jonathan Rebolloso, as part of the screen printing demonstrations. Demos will be happening all during Flatstock, with prints available for purchase as soon as the ink dries. Pick up one of his tasty Bacon posters, there's real bacon grease in the ink!

He'll have a lot of new work at this year's show, including limited edition concert posters, movie prints and art prints. He is also debuting a new series of 10x12 silkscreened "mini-prints". They fit well on your already-crowded walls, and they're cheap!

He'll also have at his booth some brand new prints in his Perkins '77 art print series, and his last copies of some fan favorites that will surely be sold out by the end of Flatstock.

He is still working on a website, until then rub his head and bother him on Facebook HERE

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