Friday, March 16, 2012

Tonight's The Black Keys Poster from Indianapolis by Michael Coleman

I'll have to admit Black Keys are using someone for the poster tonight I have never heard of. The arrtist Michael Coleman said "Here's my contribution for the Indianapolis show. Went with a direction repping INDY pride, cribbing from the Indiana Beach TVs of my youth, 'There's More Than Corn In Indiana'". I tried finding out info on him but all I find is fine artist with the same name.


  1. My guess is this is Michael Coleman from The Art Dump theartdump. He has a similar style. 5 or 6 pages in on the blog is a good sample of his work for sxflatstock.

  2. I found him on facebook:!/michaelcolemanstudio


  3. Yep, that's the guy
    is the link to the poster.

    In all honesty, I hoped that there would be more substance to the poster. Especially with the "There's more than corn in Indiana", but it's kind of counterproductive when it kind of says that there is only corn in IN plastered on the state flag. I still picked it up seeing as it was a show I went to, but ya know, was just hoping for a little more.

  4. I went to this concert and desperately wanted a poster but they ran out! How can I get a print of this poster? Help!!