Monday, May 7, 2012

Exclusive ** TrustoCorp bombs Hamtramck during the Detroit Beautification Project and locals do not like it

 The Inside the Rock Poster Street Team in the field risked crazy locals and threats of arrest to bring this story to you, enjoy. Rumors have been going around all week that TrustoCorp would make an appearance during the Detroit Beautification Project. With the worlds top graffiti artists in town how could they pass up a chance like this to interject their own message. Well this morning a new billboard by TrustoCorp was spotted and immediately the locals were not happy along with the owner of the billboard a local Dodge dealer.  My man in field took some pictures and video to bring the story to you under the threat of the dude in the white sweatshirt and his crazy bat wielding whatever she is. After the video camera was shut off the crazy dude started yelling all sorts of horrible names at the people just trying to take pictures and supposedly had his bat wielding wife call the police.

At first the people from the dealership tried peeling the sign down but stopped and left. My man went back to take more pictures to find the crazy dude (his job he says is to clean parking lots) already trying to buff the sign this afternoon. But he ran out of paint and stopped.

Videos of the attempted removal and the confrontation with crazy dude.

UPDATE 5-9-12
I had heard the sign was taken down and received this picture today from Michael Jackman at Metro Times confirming it. Yeah this sign looks a whole lot better. I guess that is the nature of street art, it only has a very short shelf life so you need to enjoy while you can. But I'm sure TrustoCorp will be back somewhere sometime.

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