Friday, August 1, 2014

Peter Adamyan Trailer Park Jesus & Mary Porcelain Plates & Paintings

This just might be one of the funniest releases ever from 1xRUN as Peter Adamyan delivers Trailer Park Jesus & Mary Porcelain Plates plus the original paintings frames with real used tires.

"The original piece was a look at how religion changes the images of their deities to fit new followers and I wanted to make a Jesus and Mary that would fit into the poor right wing whites in this country, or at least the stereotype of what that means. To keep with that theme I thought it would be great to print the images on a kitch item which you might find decorating the homes of the trailer park residents.

My latest body of work "Salvation Mini Mart" is an exploration of how religion is a tool to market ideas and the personal agendas of politicians, dictators and religious leaders throughout the centuries. It's also about what America holds near and dear to their hearts, capitalism and mass consumption. How the right wing which acts like they have a direct lineage to Jesus ignore the fact that their free market ideals are in direct contrast to Jesus's teachings. 

These pieces were from my solo show last year at lOAKal Gallery in Oakland, called Salvation Mini Mart. The show had to do with how religion changes over time and how Christianity in particular can change in a nation like the US which is so consumer driven.

The original pieces were done with oil on a wood panel, each has their own custom frame made from a whole car tire. The plates are printed in a Chinese factory like most goods in the US." - Peter Adamyan

The plates will be sold in sets or individually. The paintings and plates all go on sale Saturday August 2 at NOON EDT at

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