Monday, April 20, 2015

Ash Thorp The Epoch 4 Print Series

Ash Thorp has been on a ‘sacred geometry’ kick lately. Here’s the concept; Designer Ash Thorp has turned to the logarithms of sacred geometry as inspiration for his upcoming limited edition print series, ‘The Epoch.'

By taking those proportional equations found in nature and applying them to the digital realm, Thorp highlights the inherent beauty that we sometimes miss in the technology of ones and zeros. When most tech is recognized for the applications they perform, Thorp simply gives us the DNA – the blueprints for how they are built and exist."

The series, ‘The Epoch’ consists of four 11” x 14” giclee prints, $40 each. For the first 72 hours the full set is $120 instead of $160.

He is doing them as a time edition, going up Monday April 20th 10AM PST and down Friday May 15th at 4PM PST on

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