Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shag Twilight Zone Print Release Details from Dark Hall Mansion

Dark Hall Mansion, in conjunction with its ongoing officially licensed "The Twilight Zone" subscription series, is most excited to reveal their first guest-artist release: "The Twilight Zone" by leading contemporary artist SHAG. Released as an exclusive, signed, screen printed, and very limited edition, SHAG's print measures a full 22" x 39" and will be available in a Standard, Variant, and for the first time ever for SHAG fans, an extremely select, signed, foil edition.

Bringing his distinctive style and flavor to this very select series of artist-signed editions, SHAG incorporated and referenced various classic "Twilight Zone" elements and episodes. From the striking and memorable opening theme elements that set the tone for classic "Twilight Zone" episodes to specific episodic references, they'll let fans see how many they can locate, including the freckles on one very disturbing small child. As is often the case, SHAG's piece works on multiple levels of personal interpretation and here too they'll leave it to the viewer to decide just exactly where this piece truly resides, here, or in the...

SHAG's prints are often brightly hued and his "The Twilight Zone" standard edition is just that, richly toned, while his Variant counters with a near all black and white homage to one of TV's most legendary B&W series, albeit with one striking and deliberately placed color. Also, for the first time ever, SHAG fans will have an opportunity to see his work rendered on foil via an extremely select, signed, foil edition of just 15 pieces based on SHAG's standard edition colorway and 15 based on his Variant edition colorway. These foil editions, each printed on Mirri paper direct from the UK, are quite unique takes on SHAG's work and something DHM certain his fans worldwide will very much enjoy seeing.

Every print from all editions will be personally signed and numbered by SHAG himself with each piece measuring 22″ x 39,″ quite large by most SHAG edition parameters, with all editions carefully screen printed to exacting standards. The standard edition will be limited to only 150 prints worldwide, the Variant to 50 prints worldwide, and the foils to only 15 pieces worldwide based on each colorway.

SHAG's Standard and Variant editions will first be made available for advance separate purchase to subscribers of DHM's ongoing 10-print "Twilight Zone" subscription series (details of which are available here:
And YES! Anyone purchasing a DHM "Twilight Zone" subscription series (while subscriptions last HERE: will be assured a reserve spot with the right, though not obligation, to separately purchase SHAG's "The Twilight Zone" print. Purchase of DHM's Standard edition "Twilight Zone" subscription series entitles the buyer to all 10 prints in our TZ series (further details in DHM's blog here: plus the right to separately purchase SHAG's standard edition "The Twilight Zone" print. Similarly, purchase of the Variant "Twilight Zone" subscription series entitles the buyer to all 10 Variant prints in our TZ series, plus the right to separately purchase SHAG's VARIANT "The Twilight Zone" print. Foil editions will be available only on the general sale day unless you're one of our select "Twilight Zone" foil subscription holders in which case you're assured the right to separately purchase one of SHAG's "The Twilight Zone" foil prints.

To be clear, you do NOT need to purchase the 10-print "Twilight Zone" subscription series to be able to purchase our SHAG "The Twilight Zone" prints, however, DHM TZ subscription holders ARE entitled to advance purchase the SHAG prints first, so they want fans aware that quantities will be limited to only those SHAG prints on hand after TZ subscribers have purchased their respective SHAG editions.

SHAG's "The Twilight Zone" standard edition will price at $325, the SHAG Variant edition at $450, and the select SHAG foil editions of just 15 each at $575.

Those editions NOT advance purchased by they DHM "Twilight Zone" subscription series holders will go on sale NEXT Wednesday, April 29th, right here in the DHM store: at 9:30 AM PST! Please remember to refresh our store page right at 9:30 AM PST to check out with the edition of your choice.

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