Friday, April 17, 2015

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer First Look

Batcostume for the movie

Batman V Superman is one of the most anticipated movies in years and this trailer which was supposed to be shown April 20 has leaked. Yes this is the real thing and judging from the Portuguese subtitles either it came from Europe or Brazil

We see a brief flash of Affleck outside the costume before he lumbers forward, looking like the bulkiest Batman yet, before he squares off against Superman with his illuminated white eyes, grumbling in a gravelly baritone: “Tell me… do you bleed? You will.” The white eyes, by the way, come from Batman’s “detective mode” built into his cowl from both Grant Morrison’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and Frank Miller’s seminal series of graphic novels Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which gives him not only heightened detection skills and night vision, but also white eyes.

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