Monday, April 13, 2015

Kelsey Beckett The Rose Elf Print Release

On Monday 1xRUN brings you the work of another super talented female artist by the name of Kelsey Beckett and her print The Rose Elf.

"This piece was part of an all women group show at Inner State Gallery in Detroit called “Glass Cinder and Thorns III.” The show was focused around twisted fairy tales and stories. I chose the story “The Rose Elf,” which includes some pretty gritty plot lines...Murder, incest, more murder. Quite a twisted story.

As soon as I was aware of the theme of Twisted Fairytales for the show, I went and did a lot of research. I wasn't really interested in illustrating a fairy tale that everyone already knew about...and I knew there were some pretty wicked twisted ones out there. I read a lot of short stories before I settled on this one." - Kelsey Beckett

On Sale Monday at NOON EDT at

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