Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DKNG Studios Wizard of Oz Poster Mondo Release

On Tuesday Mondo is excited to release THE WIZARD OF OZ by DKNG Studios in three versions. The prints feature Dorothy's carriage drawn by The Horse of a Different Color as she enters Emerald City.

Here's what DKNG had to say about the prints:
"When approaching a film as iconic as The Wizard of Oz, we wanted to find a unique focal point beyond the main iconography of the film. The Horse of a Different Color occupies just a brief scene, but proved to be a great subject for a print series that includes the three different colors - red, purple, and yellow - that the horse takes on in the film. Each print shares three ink colors with the fourth screen customized to provide the color change for each variant."
Each of the posters will be 24 x 18 screen prints and you will have you choice of a purple, red or yellow horse. They will all have the same edition of 175. 

On sale Tuesday at Mondotees.com at a random time.

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