Monday, April 13, 2015

Tara McPherson Quantum Dancer Print

Tara McPherson just released a new print titled Quantum Dancer through 1xRUN and you get your choice to two sizes for it.

"When I was creating this painting I was thinking about particle physics and string theory, how these tiny subatomic particles are theorized to dance and not truly exist in one location. As well as the power we have with our thoughts and vision, I think it’s a fun idea to create a physical manifestation of thought… literally something coming out of one’s body, head or eyes. I tried to create a woman who was the goddess of sorts for this idea.

I’m still exploring aurora’s, energy, electromagnetism, bio-luminescence, internal vs. external, science, and nature to create portraits of these powerful females I imagine exist in these alternate realms. " - Tara McPherson

On sale right now at

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