Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jim Evans (TAZ) & Blakhat Collaboration For Art & Sound Art Festival

Jim Evans (TAZ) and Blakhat have a new collaboration debuting this week at the Art & Sound Art Festival in Palm Springs.

Three works by TAZ will appear for sale at the festival

TAZ x Blakhat Collaboration

Two pieces by Jim Evans (T.A.Z.) debut this week at Art & Sound, an art festival in Palm Springs running concurrently with Coachella that explores the relationship between music and art. The pieces are part of TAZ’s collaboration with Blakhat, a provocateur from Los Angeles who instigates discourse about ideological structures through music and art.

The first piece, “Who Rules You?” (4’x6’) begs the question of what people allow to control their lives. The Blakhat silhouette is surrounded by infinite representations of greed and control: from overt powers such as governments, organized religion, political parties, and astrology to more insidious influence​s​ of major corporations, social media networks, cable companies, and the almighty dollar. At the same time, the piece points to the evil of networks that support politics rather than people. Ultimately, we are all ruled by some aspect or symbol represented in the piece until we become enlightened enough to find true happiness within - which will only happen once we shed the controlling ​forces of society.

“You Know Who You Are” (2’ x 3’) reduces everyone in the world to ‘selfie robots’. Mindlessly obsessed with their own image, people submit to the rule of government and political parties that serve the interests of Big Business rather than the clueless populace. Social media becomes a religion, illustrated by the cross formed by two cell phones in the center of the piece. There's no individual thought in the masses outside of self-absorption. All the while, Big Brother is watching.

A high quality print of TAZ’s original poster for Aloha Bitches, a benefit show featuring Trim Bastards, the Dumb Tricks, and the Speedos, will also be available for sale at Eddie Donaldson’s Art & Sound festival. Art & Sound takes place from April 9th to May 4th at Gallery 446, with a special opening show this Thursday from 7-10 PM.

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