Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jason Craig & Scotty Russell Black Coffee Poster

I love hear about the creative process and how artists come up with ideas. This story from Jason Craig is one of the unique ones for sure. 
"A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at Creative South, a graphic design conference in Columbus, Georgia. In my talk I mentioned that I only drink black coffee and that at the end of the year, I save about 8 hours my not putting cream or sugar into my cup each time I get a refill. Near the closing of the weekend I met a talented letterer named Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective. He showed me his notes from my talk the day before and I could see that he had been inspired. I suggested that we should collaborate on a print and he jumped at the opportunity. He began sending sketches from the airport and not long after he landed back in Iowa, he had begun a illustrated quote based on something that I said in my talk.

Once the art was complete I burned the screen and mixed up some special ink. I found some essence of coffee bean and some really strong instant coffee and mixed it up before adding it to the black and red mixture I had already made. Not only does the print look like coffee, it smells like it as well. I ran 50 on Madero Beach paper by French and they all came out fantastic." -Jason Craig

Collaboration between Jason Craig and Scotty Russell of Perspective Collective.
Inspired by a quote from Jason's Creative South talk, Origins of Expert.

They mixed real coffee into the ink to give it extra authenticity and a fresh brewed aroma.

18x24 1 color screen print on French Madero Beach
Edition of 50
*hand embellishing is available. Please allow extra time for shipping.

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