Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jimbob Isaac King Nothing Print Release

King Nothing print by Jimbob Isaac  is the second print release from Rich’s collection at Minor Victory Inc, following last month’s release of Godmachine’s the Headless Saints Triptych. Jimbob is well known as an artist in his own-right, the art-architect for Temples Festival, and for guitar and vocals in Taint and now HARK.

‘What hope for a king with no kingdom to rule? ‘ from ‘Horned is the Hunter’ by the great English lyricist and writer Martin Walkyier was the start point for the concept, mixed in with Rich’s personal reflections on human aging from young and invincible Kings and Queen’s to sometimes living just with memories of past-greatness. Jimbob took on the challenge to bring to life the hopelessness, emptiness, and collapse of a falling King surrounded by the crumbling artifacts of his reign and talismans of protection of the dead and decay. Jimbob’s unique style of pointillism and inking gives the piece a fragmented and spectral feel. The King clearly has a Celtic look, a subtle nod by Jimbob to his Welsh roots.

Available for pre-order 1st May 2015 from Minor Victory

Original commissioned illustration by JIMBOB ISAAC. Pointillism and digital ink. High-quality giclee print with archival inks on Innova soft-textured natural white 315g fine-art quality paper, 23.3" x 16.5". Edition of 30, numbered with embedded artist signature.

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