Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wane Interpretation Print & Original Artwork Release Details

As a member of the TC5/FC/COD collective, Wane has traveled the world collaborating with other great style masters in places like England, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden and Panama, to name a few. He is known for his crisp, unique letter style and for his consistency: painting when most writers from his generation have since stopped. He was part of the first wave of writers in the New York City post-subway scene, yet responsible for subway style murals on the streets. Three years ago I got to meet him and watch him work, dude is amazing with the rattle can. It's great seeing him release his first print with 1xRUN plus 8 pieces of original artwork. 

Each of the Interpretation prints measure 18 x 22 and are hand embellished. 
"This piece was created solely for my 1xRun print release. It is part of an ongoing series called Rasta, (respect all subway transit artists). All of the pieces are painted on NYC subway maps.

I painted on a 1972 New York City subway map because this version was the best designed map in my opinion. Also graffiti took to the city in the early 70’s and at that time went from the walls to subways. I painted a signature 'Wane' piece as it has a strong letter foundation which is what subway art is based on." - Wane
The print and original artwork will be on sale Wednesday at NOON EDT at

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