Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chris Saunders Lion Mandala Print Release Details

Chris Saunders has another killer release from 1xRUN on Wednesday titled Lion Mandala.

"This piece was born from inspiration of a personal struggle I was experiencing with overcoming certain obstacles in my life surrounding addiction. Not just chemical addiction, but addictive thoughts and behaviors that didn't serve my highest good.

The lion archetype visited me in my dreams during this time of struggle with addiction. I dreamt I was a lion running with full force through a dense jungle. I had a thick rope in my mouth and as I ran through this jungle people were fighting to grab the free sides of the rope to try and slow me down from running so fast. It was getting snagged and I felt extreme pain in my body. The pain grew to the point my body caught on fire, I could feel my flesh searing. I remember fighting through it and eventually the pain went away and I kept running forward. Pretty Intense! So I combined my vision of the lion with the mandala to mirror a frequency of courage, strength and power to it's viewer and the space that it is hung in." - Chris Saunders

Lion Mandala is a 24 x 24 Inches 2-Color Screen Print with Spot UV Layer on 130lb French Black Licorice Paper with a signed & numbered edition of 100.

On sale Wednesday at NOON EDT at

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