Saturday, April 11, 2015

Miles Tsang Avett Brothers Tallahassee Poster Release Details

Once again this week Miles Tsang has created a poster that is almost beyond words. Really nothing more I can say, gaze upon the excellence. He created the poster for The Avett Brothers show in Tallahassee, Florida last night. Between this and his Primus poster earlier this week I can't wait to see what Miles will do the rest of the year.

Miles documents his creative process better than anyone check it out on his blog.


Each poster is an 18" by 24" 6-Color Screen print on French Paper (100 lb. Speckletone True White)
Editions of 200 Regular/"Sunshine State" and 75 Alternate Colorway/"Cobalt Keys" Variants. All posters glow in the dark.
Printed, numbered, and signed by the artist.
Commissioned as part of The Avett Brothers' 2015 Spring Tour.

*These posters go on sale at a random time on Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at

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