Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Alex Pardee Primus Orlando Poster Release

Yes, “Mudbaby” is Alex Pardee's name. Or rather, he wishes it was. Which is why Alex decided to portray himself, as “Mudbaby”, in the artwork of a brand new poster he created for the best bizarre awesome band in history, PRIMUS!

Fortunately for Alex, Primus has been letting him get weirder and weirder with his…well…weirdness lately, and because of that, this poster is Alex's favorite design he has done for them so far. Created for their recent show in Orlando, Florida (that they co-headlined with TOOL!), this poster sold out at the show, but he will have a limited number of copies left to sell online THIS WEDNESDAY, FEB 3rd at 1PM Eastern exclusively on AlexPardee.com.

Wonderfully gooey, and beautifully screen-printed, these 5-color screen-prints are repulsive enough to keep any nosey neighbors away from your house.

The main edition (shown here) measures 18” x 24” and he will only have 50 of them to sell (for $50.00 each), but he will have a few super limited (and shiny) variants as well!

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