Friday, February 5, 2016

Hail Caesar Craig Drake Poster From Hero Complex Gallery

On Hero Complex Gallery's final day of HAIL, CAESAR! print releases they present you with CRAIG DRAKE's sultry noir vision of SCARLETT JOHANSSON as DeeAnna Moran, an Esther Williams-esque swimming superstar with a secret, in JOEL AND ETHAN COEN's tribute to 50's era classic Hollywood.

The Coen Brothers are hot off an Oscar Nomination for Best Original Screenplay (along with MATT CHARMAN) for STEVEN SPIELBERG's taut espionage thriller, BRIDGE OF SPIES, and bring with them a star-studded cast of some of today's biggest acting talent. HAIL, CAESAR! stars JOSH BROLIN, GEORGE CLOONEY, ALDEN EHRENREICH, RALPH FIENNES, JONAH HILL, SCARLETT JOHANSSON, FRANCES MCDORMAND, TILDA SWINTON and CHANNING TATUM, and opens in theaters nationwide today.

Craig had this to say about his artwork:
'I was heavily inspired by George Lucas' personal collection of golden age Hollywood movie posters which lined the walls of Lucasfilm's SF headquarters when I worked with them. I've been wanting to work in 40's & 50's noir style for some time, and applying it to the Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar! film was the most perfect fit. They are masters at immersing you in this era. Especially in films like The Hudsucker Proxy, one of my all time favorites.'-Craig Drake
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