Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shepard Fairey Where To Invade Next Movie Poster From Mondo

Mondo are stoked to team up with Shepard Fairey to release a poster for Michael Moore's latest documentary, WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, with 50% of the proceeds benefiting two non-profits: & In the film, Moore "invades" countries like Finland, Italy and France to examine their social & economic policies. When it came to creating a poster, Mondo knew Shepard was the guy.

Here's what Shepard had to say about the film:
"I think the film’s fantastic because the title suggests one side of Michael Moore, but what you get is a side that most people probably haven’t seen. Rather than attacking villains, the film is celebrating heroes with good ideas in other parts of the world, many of whom were inspired by people and ideas from the United States. Of all of Michael Moore’s films, I feel that this one has the most potential to break through to an audience that doesn’t already think they agree with him."

"The poster is informed by a sense of humor and a love of political propaganda. Poking fun at the way many Americans see the U.S. as flag waving 'liberators,' or purveyors of 'democracy whether you like it or not,' I wanted the art to mirror Michael’s approach to the film as an American narrator who may not know as much as he thinks he does.”

Where to Invade Next by Shepard Fairey is a 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered. Timed Edition

The sale is now open and will run through Friday, Feb. 12th at 12PM CST. only at

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