Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Naja Conrad-Hansen Betty Boop Posters Release From Dark Hall Mansion

Dark Hall Mansion, is honored to again work with Fleischer Studios on one of their most renowned legacies and most beloved of American cartoon charmers, Betty Boop, with no less than the extraordinarily gifted Naja Conrad-Hansen on as commissioned artist for DHM's officially licensed limited-edition print release this Friday, February 5th!

Dark Hall Mansion under license from King Features Syndicate and Fleischer Studios, will release Naja Conrad-Hansen's two striking limited-edition prints for the doe-eyed beauty whose sass and charm began in 1930 yet who knows no era, enchanting audiences to this very day.

 Naja, who recently wowed print collectors with her stunning work on Dark Hall Mansion's official Jimi Hendrix print releases, brings her stunning skills to bear on two very different Betty Boop pieces: the first a special treat that has Betty, friend Bimbo, and her little puppy Pudgy all dolled up for Valentine's Day; the second, a very limited edition that is pure '70s and all Betty attitude! In this latter piece, they asked Naja to bring her high-fashion sensibilities to bear in rendering the timeless Betty with a distinctively 70's flair; as we explained it, this Betty is all attitude, hangs with Mick Jagger, circa "Some Girls."

Betty Boop's edgy Jazz Age origins come courtesy the incomparable animation pioneer and legend, Max Fleischer, and it's a testament to the Fleischer Studios artistry that she's as beloved and recognizable today, still enchanting all ages and demographics worldwide.

Dark Hall Mansion's officially licensed "BETTY BOOP" limited-edition prints will be available in Standard, Variant, and select Canvas editions and go on sale this Friday February 5th on DHM's dedicated store page here: at 9:30 AM PST!

"BETTY BOOP" Standard (Valentine) edition of 280 $65
"BETTY BOOP" Variant (NY) edition of 50 $100
"BETTY BOOP" Canvas edition of 10 (based on the Standard-Valentine edition) $175
"BETTY BOOP" Canvas edition of 10 (based on the Variant-NY edition) $175

All editions are strictly limited, measure 18" x 24," are giclee printed and hand numbered.

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