Monday, February 1, 2016

Hail, Caesar Chuck Sperry Poster Release From Hero Complex Gallery

This is a bit of a dream-come-true for fine folks at Hero Complex Gallery, to be working with Universal, the Coen Brothers, and one of the all-time legends of print-making, Chuck Sperry, on a brand new screen print for the Coen Brothers' newest comedy, HAIL, CAESAR! which opens in theaters this Friday.

Chuck's poster is a love letter callback to the noir posters of old, and if you haven't viewed his posters in person, they are among the finest examples of screen printing that you can experience. They are masterpieces of paper and ink, with deliberate design, delicate use of metallic inks and luxurious glazes, that culminate in truly remarkable prints.

Chuck had this to say about his new poster:
'I am incredibly honored to have been asked to make a poster for the Coen Brothers' newest film, "Hail, Caesar!" to celebrate the movie's premier.

"The Starlet" is my movie poster of Scarlett Johansson, in her role as the brassy, troubled movie star of 1950's swimsuit extravaganza.

I wanted to cast my poster in a Film Noir style. I limited the palette, but increased the number of colors printed to ten colors, to give my poster a classic movie poster appearance. Two metallics, two spot colors, and a sepia toned shadow glaze combine with five additional colors to create an atmospheric 1950's Los Angeles backlot studio office.'- Chuck Sperry

Chuck Sperry 'The Starlet'
Hail, Caesar! Movie Premier Poster

16.75" x 35"
10 Color screen print on cream paper
Metallic inks and sepia glaze
Signed and Numbered

On sale at at 1pm EST today.

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