Monday, February 1, 2016

Malleus Strix Print Release

These are the latest prints from Malleus and they are limited edition silkscreens called "STRIX".

Strix is a Latin word indicating a bird of ill omen, while it means "owl" in Greek.
Strix is also the root of the word "strega" that is the Italian for "witch" and of "strigoi", the immortal vampires of the Romanian mythology

The drawing was originally created for a poster for the gig of Golden Void in Leuven, for their friends Orange Factory Belgium.

This art print is a 2 color hand pulled silkscreen on 2 very very special sparkling metallic papers. There are 2 runs: 33 pieces on gold paper and 33 on silver one.

STRIX will be available from the Malleus store on Monday February 1st at 6 pm CET which is Noon EST, buy them at

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