Friday, February 12, 2016

Widespread Panic Brad Klausen Richmond Poster Release

Brad Klausen did the poster for Widespread Panic's show in Richmond,Virgina tonight. The poster is 7 colors, one of which is a clear metallic... originally he was going to make 6 out of the 7 colors metallic but his printer thought it would be easier to just print a metallic clear varnish over everything... so the whole thing is basically metallic except for the dark purple. 

The poster is 14" x 24" inch screen print with a signed & numbered edition of 120 

Brad breaks down the design:
the story behind the design.....   I've said this before, but I was introduced to Widespread Panic in college by some friends of mine, and they'd lure me to the shows with the offer to take mushrooms. So I will forever associate the music of Widespread Panic with mind expanding experiences, with sitting out underneath the stars at Red Rocks with a head full of psychedelics contemplating life and the universe as the band provides the soundtrack for those thoughts. This image is all about those moments... it's about travelin' light being the only way to fly.  If you can get the two fish to swim up to the head, the lotus of light will blossom right over the head... 
Brad will be selling his posters Saturday at 11 AM Pacific on his website

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