Monday, February 15, 2016

Jim Mazza Built To Spill Los Angeles Poster Release

Jim Mazza is releasing his newest poster for Built To Spill's recent concert in Los Angeles and it will have a regular edition and a lava foil variant.

 The regular edition is as follows
18" x 24" inches, 5 color screen print on 100lb Off White French Krafttone.
Signed and Number Edition of 130

 Lava Foil Variant details
18" x 24" inches, 5 color screen print on 10pt Holographic Lava Foil Paper.
Signed & Number Edition of 19 (only 13 available)
All Orders Include a Regular Edition Print and Free Shipping.

I asked Jim about the big furry mammoth in the room: 
When I spoke to Doug he said he liked my larger scale stuff like the print I did for their run in San Francisco a couple years back. I've been wanting to do something inspired by the LaBrea Tar Pits for a while now so I decided to work a mammoth into the design. I thought it would be cool to juxtapose the mammoth with a futuristic floating city. I sent him the sketch and he loved it.
Jim will be releasing his Built To Spill posters Monday at 8am PST. Don't forget he is also doing a special. Anyone who orders the variant will get a copy of the regular edition as well as free shipping for $100.
Buy them at

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