Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Black Sabbath Adam Pobiak Montreal Poster World Premiere Exclusive

Adam & Ozzy

The biggest surprise so far this year with posters has been the excellent series of work created for Black Sabbath's The End Tour. The posters started showing up on line and everyone was blown away with how good the art work has been.

Doing a Black Sabbath poster is on the bucket list for many artists. Adam Pobiak had the original heavy metal group very high on his wish list. His excitement for finally being able to do a poster for Sabbath came through very strong as we talked about it the other day.

So it is my pleasure to reveal exclusively Adam Pobiak's Black Sabbath poster for the show in Montreal tonight.

Adam on his dream job:
I doubt many people have followed my poster career VERY closely, but if you have, you might have noticed that in EVERY interview I have ever given, when asked which band I would most like to make a poster for, my answer has ALWAYS been “BLACK SABBATH”. Over the years I’ve had the privilege to make posters for basically all of my favorite bands that still play together, but Black Sabbath has always been my dream - and I fully expected that this would always stay a dream, since the full line-up had only played a small handful of reunion shows in the last 20 or 30 years. As you can imagine, I was shocked, humbled and honored when they announced their final tour “THE END” and I was asked to create artwork for my favorite band of all time – a band that has such a profound and undeniable influence on music in general.

This print is for their date in Montreal on February 23rd, 2016. 466 of these posters were printed but I have very few to sell and no variants were created. This might be the first time I’ve thought that these things I’ve made may have more value to me personally than the folks who might want to buy them. So, I’m going to start selling them at the same price they sold for at the show, but if they are selling quickly, I may raise the price so I still have a couple for myself at the end of the day! Therefore, if you are interested, it would be best to get in early to avoid possibly paying more.
I still kind of can’t believe this happened.-AP
These are large posters are 17.4 x 31in (79.8 x 44cm)
4 colors: Metallic Silver, Dark Metallic Silver, Master of Reality Purple, and Black (black light responsive)

Edition of 466

Artist edition will be signed and numbered (the posters the band are selling in Montreal are not signed but I have signed the prints I’m selling)

Adam also had a couple prints shipped directly to Austin for SXSW along with some handbills, so he will have VERY few for Flatstock even if he sells out online beforehand. Handbills (mini-prints) will be available to buy through his site once he returns towards the end of March.

 The posters will be available in Montreal at the show, and Adam will sell his the day after the show on Wednesday, Feb 24th Noon Eastern (9am Pacific and 5pm UK) at shop.pobiak.com


  1. Two questions. How can we find out who did the artwork for the Kansas City show (which I was at and have the poster for)? Also, how can we find out who the commissioned artists were so we can monitor their sites for releases? Love your site, plz never stop!!!

    1. Hey Paul the KC poster is done by Hazmat Design. Look in the lower left or right corner and you will see it. There is only 1 site you have to monitor and it's this one hahaa. As soon as I get info on the releases I post it here.

  2. Hi... Will you be doing a poster for the Phoenix, AZ show (9/21/16), or do you know which artist will be? Love the Montreal Black Sabbath poster!


  3. I was at the show in Chicago Tinley Park. Any idea who did the poster for that one? I can't even find an image of it online. And I don't remember seeing it at the show.

  4. Any idea who did the poster for Chicago Tinley Park 2016 the end tour? I'd love to find one. Thank you.


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