Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tim Doyle UnReal Estate: The Book Kickstarter Project

Nakatomi and Tim Doyle are VERY excited to announce the launch of their brand-new UnReal Estate: THE BOOK Kickstarter project. This deluxe, full-color hardcover collection of EVERY single image from the first three years of UnReal Estate is 144 pages JAM-PACKED with photos, sketches, and essays from artists like Joshua Budich, Godmachine, and many more! Each print from the sold-out gallery show is presented FULL-PAGE (and some even double-page spread) for maximum PRETTY coming at your eyeballs! This beautiful book will retail for $40-$50 in-store, but you can grab it for just $35 in the Kickstarter project.

The rewards for this project feature the book itself, new editions of some of the sold-out classics from the series, along with the LONG TEASED "Thank You For Being A Friend", ONLY available through this project.

Head over to the Kickstarter Page HERE to see all the rewards.

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