Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Glen Brogan Hail Caesar Movie Poster Release From HCG

Wait, thought Hero Complex Galery were done? Coen Brothers films only come around every so often so they thought they needed to honor their latest film, HAIL, CAESAR! with a small print series, HCG hope you enjoy them as much as they do.

Glen Brogan 'Et Tu, Baird?'
24" x 16"
Giclee Fine Art Print
Numbered Edition of 60

Glen had this to say about his take on Hail, Caesar!:
'I'm not sure you can appreciate movies on any level and not be a huge fan of the Coen Brothers. The movie that really cemented me as a huge fan of their comedies in particular was "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" To this day it may be the most fun my family as a group has ever had in the theater. (We even went to see the touring concert of the movie's music, which was amazing.) So how could I not jump at the chance to work with them and create artwork for "Hail, Caesar?" It's a pretty big item on any artist's dream-job check list. I really enjoyed getting to draw all the actors, and I always love creating poster-style layouts and coming up with different ways to feature the characters across the canvas.'- Glen Brogan
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