Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Laurent Durieux Modes of Transportation Delahaye & Zephyr Posters

One of the first genre of posters I fell in love with were the old European advertising posters for liqueur, beverages and travel. The colors and images were just magical and full of life, like nothing I had ever seen before. The style and class of those works of art faded away decades ago as ideas and tastes changed. But then several years ago a Belgium artist named Laurent Durieux hit America, his love of that time and artistic style brought it all back.

David Ford also enjoys the art from a long ago seemingly forgotten time. After seeing Laurent's work David wanted his own posters made for what he wanted to see and what he appreciated. With that spark he had Laurent begin a series of posters with the theme Modes of Transportation.

Fast forward a during this time and now every poster Laurent does sells out. But lucky for you and for some crazy reason the first two posters in the series are still for sale, one of the variants is sold out though.

The Delahaye Roadster poster features a couple picnicking at a beach on the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) with their classy car parked on the sand.  All three editions, the regular, variant, and a few wood posters, are available.
Delahaye Regular $65, Edition of 300
Delahaye Variant $85, Edition of 150
Delahaye Wood Variant $250, Edition of 10
All of these are 36x24 inch 12 color screen prints. 

There are also a few copies of the regular edition of Laurent's Zephyr poster available as well.  The poster is screen printed with 11 colors including metallic silver and measures 24x36 inches. The regular version has an edition of 450.
Head over to http://fordcraftsmanonline.com/prints to get these posters.

I asked David about his passion project:
Doing an automobile was always in the plans for the Modes of Transportation series but we hadn't come up with anything specific.  With the Zephyr, we both independently came up with the same train.  Not just the Zephyr, but the same specific model of the train.  I had looked around at different cars but Laurent knew this one and I felt like it was a great fit.  

Laurent's style is perfect for the travel posters.  His line work looks like what you'd expect to find in an old engraving and he picks colors that make everything look like a 1930's poster.  Plus, he loves the style.  In an interview Laurent and I did in 2014, he stated, "This is my dope" when talking about doing travel posters. 

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