Saturday, November 3, 2012

OPENINGS: REVOK-ORDINARY THINGS the Library Street Collective Covered

Last night saw the opening of Los Angeles graffiti artist Revok's one man show ORDINARY THINGS at The Library Street Collective in Detroit and Inside the Rock Poster was there to bring you the images.

Living in Detroit since 2010, Los Angeles graffiti writer REVOK is someone who seems up to the task of expanding his palette beyond the temporal world of street art. Since 1991, REVOK has been making a name for himself by dominating all aspects of graffiti art in cities across the country. With a distinctive style, and a competitive drive unmatched within graffiti circles, REVOK has achieved global attention reserved for a select few.

The show is a compilation of pieces that are made up from a collection of recovered objects cultivated from the streets of Detroit, then thoughtfully reassembled in what could be considered a geographical timeline: one that records the neighborhoods and streets that REVOK has continuously used as the backdrop for his street art since moving to Detroit. Although there are echoes of his background in graffiti art, REVOK is plowing forward with an individual voice as an artist, willing to transition without the shackles of graffiti art trailing behind him.

REVOK also worked with Rime on a huge piece that for me was my favorite. The piece measures a staggering 70' x 70'  and is titled 8448 Van Dyke. Like with all the pieces it's not simply item assembled but they he also added paint to each one.

The gallery was packed all night with graffiti artists and fans alike. Casey EKLIPS Zoltan, Founder of THE SEVENTH LETTER was in attendance as well. I have a feeling the people of Detroit woke up this morning to some new work around the city. 

Revok also had a huge wall of photo displayed of various elements of the city that he has been taking since he arrived in 2010. The more than 90 photos kinda chronicles his travels around his new home town.

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The show runs till January 26th, 2013. The Library Street Collective is located @ 1260 Library Street, Detroit, MI 48226 ~ ph#313.600.7443 ~

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