Thursday, February 20, 2014

Courtney Love God Save the Queen of Rock Poster by Greg Frederick

Brooklyn based vinyl pop artist, Greg Frederick announced his limited edition screen prints of Courtney Love have officially gone on sale on his website with Ms. Love's blessing.

You may recall hearing Greg Frederick's name as the “superfan” who caught the only video taken at the impromptu Hole reunion last April, 2012 at the Hit So Hard Premiere in NY. Greg's story of “Hole superfan” took an amazing turn when Courtney Love enlisted him as the merchandise designer on her last tour, after seeing there was much more to Frederick's resume than just “superfan”.

Greg Frederick, who currently calls Brooklyn, NY home, is an artist. He creates imaginative, three-dimensional, unique pop art created with broken record vinyls, their sleeves and packaging, as well as, other recycled materials. Greg's art has stood proudly with that of Andy Warhol, been a featured artist on the popular, and in Vibe Magazine. He has also enjoyed several successful solo art showings from Las Vegas to New York City.

One of Greg's aspirations, was to one day design something for Courtney Love. He already had several ideas and pieces inspired by her. May of last year Greg recorded and produced a time lapse video featuring himself painting one of the pieces, and asking Ms. Love to consider him for designing her tour merchandise. Through social media, word spread, and to Greg's delight, a mutual contact had sent it to Courtney. She immediately requested Greg send her more of his ideas. "She loved all but one (design). My theme and inspiration for her tour merch was 'Punk Rock meets Fashion'." stated Frederick. Weeks later Greg was behind the merchandise table at the Warsaw in Brooklyn, a venue close to home. He was working the merch. booth, seeing his dream come to fruition. Three shirt designs and two prints were sold during the tour. The remainder of those prints have been approved for sale online.

 Prints are on sale immediately and available at Please visit to see Greg's amazing celebrity works and click on the “Courtney Love” tab to read more of this amazing journey.


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