Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prime Ke Ko'olani Print Release

1xRUN have another Hawaiian artist making his solo debut today as Prime releases his first print as one of the Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Featured Artists

"This piece was based on a recent vision that was shared with me during my meditation.

Ke Ko'olani meaning the foundation of a Chief or Ali'i. It is also a chiefly family name. There were so many sacred families that were known to carry the DNA of the gods and were trusted to lead the people of Hawaii. Due to the nature of this piece and the type of energy it carries, I feel it is only proper to keep the original until the rightful owner presents his/herself. So the answer is “no” it is not for sale, but if you feel a spiritual connection to this piece, feel free to give 1xRUN your contact info. I would love to hear your story!" - Prime 

On sale today at 3PM EST at

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