Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Prints from Nick Perry of Red Legger Studio

Been awhile since I heard from Nick Perry of Red Legger Studio but he has bunch of new screen printed art prints and some originals for sale. Here are some with descriptions from Nick.

American Devil is focused on American consumption with a foreground littered by everyday pop icons while the background displays a bombs for sale pattern connecting the consumption theme to the defense industry. The featured devil head is appropriated from an episode of the Twilight Zone from 1960 called Nick of Time. In the episode the devil head sits atop a coin operated fortune telling machine that answers yes or no questions with generic responses that seem to personalize the experience of the one seeking an answer to their problems.

Double Batman is inspired by the 1960's tv show as well as the pop art of the same era, particularly Andy Warhol. I've always been obsessed with unique characters of popular culture that so many attach their memories to.

 The End is based on an illustrative zine I made last year called You Don't See Me. It focuses on the use of propaganda by the media, corporations and the government as well as the manipulation of public opinion. One specific example that is featured in the print is the work of Edward Bernays and his early attempts to get more women to smoke by selling them as "torches of freedom" attaching smoking to their fight for liberation. 

The Skull is also an illustration I took from a zine I created in which two folks are fighting over whether the unique skull they've found is an alien crystal skull or a special hot rod shifter knob.
This print looks at everyday attempts to make a person beautiful....or at least a little less ugly, often with mixed results.
Ugly No. 2 (the male version) coming soon.

This 3 color screen print was hand pulled by myself at Red Legger Studio. There are two variants, both of which are on French Paper. One is on white and the other is on natural paper. Ink colors are the same but the paper difference gives them a unique look.
White edition: 9
Natural edition: 5

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