Friday, February 28, 2014

Ernesto Yerena Live in the Present Print

Ernesto Yerena has released a print dedicated to those who fight against anxiety and depression.

It is said anxiety is "living in the future" and depression is "living in the past". The healthiest way to live is in the present. To be present is to be free from both anxiety and depression. I myself have had a long bout with both of these disorders or as I like to call them sicknesses of society. We live in a society that has a very fast pace and we try to keep up with it, in the process we may begin to get behind on bills or we may get the feeling we are not accomplishing what we set out so we dwell on our shortcomings and worry about what has not even happened yet. Constantly living like this is very unhealthy but this is our norm. I try to question these norms and really strive to live in the present but it is a battle and also a form of art that I have not yet mastered. I hope you all enjoy this image. If you have ever suffered from any form of mental health issues this image is dedicated to you. Con Ganas! -ernesto

 Signed and Numbered. Edition of 150 18x24 inches

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  1. Love this print! As someone who has been afflicted by both of these things on a daily basis for about 10 solid years...i have to say i really appreciate this print and find it extremely reassuring that this artist took the time to make something positive out of such a terrible thing. When you experience either of these sicknesses it is easy to feel completely helpless but just knowing that others are going through the same thing and influencing their art with it... to draw attention to the fact that the PRESENT is all that matters. I have the utmost respect. He is absolutely correct. Thank you for creating such a positive image and a glimmer of hope for those who are afflicted.