Friday, February 28, 2014

Street Artists Casting for New Television Show

The producers of this new TV show contacted me to help spread the word about this show they are working on to find the best artist. They are looking for 10 artists to compete against each other in creating murals in the LA area and the winner will get $100,000. The mural space is legit and already been approved. They have teamed up with artist Justin Bua to make it happen. They plan to start shooting the show in June and July this year with an air date of August or September, they are keeping the network it will be on a secret though.

For more info check out the flyer and visit

1 comment:

  1. Bad or good? Great for street artists that want to be recognized, bad for those that want to be traditionally known as guerrilla artists. And the collectors like myself good in the sense that it will significantly raise the value of such prints. And bad now as if it weren't tough enough to obtain a print before it is sold out. And dont get me started on the ebay flippers.
    But I really am interested in seeing the show,