Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trey Anastasio Band Minneapolis Poster by Landland & a New Print

Landland has some new work going on sale Tuesday and they look good.

Trey Anastasio Band
February 4th at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minn.
Info: Five-color screenprint on 100# French cover stock • 16" x 24"
Signed & Numbered Edition of 170
Illustration: Dan Black

Dan on the design:

Whether we were asked on purpose or just a nice coincidence—or most likely, just regional practicality—it sure was nice to get a chance to pay some tiny homage to our old hometown. Lots of good downtown Minneapolis hints in this one, some sorta obvious (First Avenue) and some totally esoteric and sentimental (yup). That's how we do things here. Oh...if anyone can suss out the buried reference in here to the other Minnesota town I still call home and post it to our Landland Facebook Wall Thing, I'll send you some sort of cool thing. I can't tell if it's super easy or not. Good luck either way
 This posters will be available in the Landland store Tuesday, February 18th at 2pm (Central Standard Time).

"Tornado Towers of Mankato, Minn."
An art print made for the "Made in the Midwest" exhibition at Galerie F in Chicago, Ill.
Info: Three-color screenprint on 100# French cover stock • 18" x 24"
Signed & Numbered Edition of 95
Illustration: Dan Black
Dan on how they created it :
This Mankato print has nothing to do with the Mankato reference in the poster up there. It's not a hint. Back when I was in high school a million years ago, this was an actual thing: An apartment building made out of stacked mobile homes. You could go up onto the top floor (via an external staircase) and just feel the whole thing swaying in the wind. There's not a whole lot of information out there about it, just a couple photos and a message board thing, but I can tell you that the actual building was a bit uglier and way less remarkable than this...this drawing is loosely based on a variation on this terrifying theme that went up (and down) in St. Paul around the same time. Ours was seriously just a big brick of brown bricks...for twenty-three years.

This posters will be available in the Landland store WEDNESDAY, February 19th at 2pm (Central Standard Time).

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