Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don Pendleton Mutability Print from Poster Child Prints

Pearl Jam fans are going to want to check this new one out by Don Pendleton and Poster Child Prints.

"Mutability" is a limited edition, hand pulled, five-color silkscreen print measuring 18 x 24 by Don Pendleton. Each print is signed by Don. Prints are numbered, embossed and exclusive to PCP, validated by a Certificate of Authenticity.

About the Print Edition:

"The title Mutability is in reference to a Percy Shelley poem from 1816. This piece is about the only constant in life being change and the issues of adapting to change and how it affects people. For instance, some people embrace it, look forward to it. Others cling wildly to the past for the comfort of familiarity. So it's a visual exploration of what constant change might look like, how it can create passion or fear or indifference or even terror. And also how those changes don't just affect us personally but everyone we're connected to. In his poem, Shelley points out that nothing endures through time except for the idea of change and ironically, change becomes the only true constant in life.

I hope that helps better explain the image to the viewer and gives some insight as to what the characters are experiencing both alone and as those changes affect people you are close to." - Don

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