Wednesday, February 26, 2014

James Flames Avett Brothers Bloomington Poster Release

James Flames is releasing his new The Avett Brothers poster today (Wednesday) at 1pm Eastern.

James Flames on the posters:
So, funny story about these posters...

Back in September, the band had to reluctantly cancel their Bloomington, IL show due to a personal matter. Unfortunately, the posters were already done and delivered.

They immediately rescheduled the show for February, and asked me if I would re-print them with the new date and have them ready for the new show. No problem!

But then I thought... what if I made the new version special unto itself - redraw it so that the style matches the Lexington, KY poster I made for them in November, and give it a fresh look. A ton more work for sure, but I was positive it would be worth it in the end.

I couldn't be more proud of how it came out. And the band loved it! But then, the snow hit! The band's bus was snowbound in NC and now the February show was canceled! Crazy.

Luckily it was rescheduled for the very next week, and by all accounts the show was absolutely amazing! Sometimes great things are worth waiting for.

And so these posters have quite the stories behind them: the literal story of the boy and his dog and image itself being inspired by the song Bring Your Love To Me ("Bring your love to me, I will hold it like a dandelion, one I want to save, one I want to keep from the breeze that follows me and no one else."), and the story of the show that took three tries to actually happen.
Here is the link for the 2014 show poster signed and numbered by James
There’s also the original version of this poster that he’ll be releasing as well – it’s from the original show that was canceled back in September. They asked if he would reprint them with the revised date for the new show, but James decided to totally redraw it and make it a little extra special.
Here is the link for the 2013 poster

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