Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jon Smith Fire Walk With Me, Easy Rider and Shining Prints

Jon Smith did a second edition of his "Fire Walk With Me" print because a friend of Ray Wise wants it as a gift for Ray and Jon completely out. That is a reasonable excuse to print another edition plus he threw in a glow in the dark variant that he had been wanting to do.

He also has a print in “BEAUTY OF THE BEAST” a group show all about motorcycles at Galerie F in Chicago, curated by John Otterbacher. “Easy Riders’ is 24″x 18″, 5 colors, in an edition of 100.

He also has his  “Room 237″ a print inspired by the Shining and the documentary Room 237 on sale as well.

Check out his store HERE


  1. Where is the Easy Rider print for sale??????

    1. Click the link that says Beauty of the Beast to buy the Easy Rider print