Monday, February 17, 2014

Persue Bunny Kitty Spritza Green & Pink Edition Prints

Persue is back at 1xRUN to celebrate 10 years of Bunny Kitty with this print as one of the Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Featured Artists

"This piece was draw in celebration of Bunny Kitty’s 10 year anniversary. My first Bunny Kitty drawing was in 2001 but I started the company in 2004. I wanted to create some fun elements to the character without always having to draw the entire body. So a few years ago I started just drawing her head as a throw-up. It was more of a POP art approach to the character. The heads have become more and more distorted through the years. This particular drawing I wanted to depict BK in her natural state. Actually coming out of the tool she was created with through the years, the spraycan." - Persue 

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