Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eddie Vedder Todd Slater Brisbane Poster Night 2 World Premiere

Tonight's poster for Eddie Vedder's second show in Brisbane was a real surprise when I first saw it. I was pretty excited to see after all this time finally Todd Slater has done a poster for Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam. Todd does not announce his on sale days or times click the link about and get on his email list. Great job on the poster Todd !!!

I asked Todd about the design of the poster
The idea for the print was sparked from a conversation with my longtime friend Craig about some of EV's banter in between songs. At one of their shows Ed talks about the moon which he knows is out but can’t see it. He notes how the moon does strange things to people and tides. He dedicates the next song to the moon and to the audience.

The imagery is really about the effect the moon has pulling the ocean's tides. I was also aware of the golden mean in regards to the nautilus shell. For me, it's about striving for some sense of balance and perfection in our daily lives.