Monday, February 24, 2014

Galerie F presents "Toy Stories: An Exploration in Childhood

Galerie F is excited to announce our first printmaking exhibition of 2014.

Delving deep into the recesses of your neglected attic, Galerie F presents 'Toy Stories' - a group printmaking exhibition of childhood treasures. Each artist was invited to create a new original work depicting their ultimate toy - some imaginary, some real, some surreal. Galerie F artist and local toymaker JC Rivera will be producing original cast toys to accompany some artist renderings, bringing their designs to life. This is a show not to be missed!

Participating artists include...
Never Sleeping - Boss Construction - Delicious Design League - Mirjam Dijkema - Clint Wilson - Blunt Graffix - Epyon5 - Russ White - Justin VanGenderen - Print Mafia - Craig Church - Sean Mort - Cricket Press - Ghost Town Design - John Howard

Opening Friday February 28th 2014 from 6p to 10p. Open to the public, all are welcome..

On view through March 25 2014. Online Monday March 3rd at 2PM CST.


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