Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crosshair Spring 2015 Mystery Tube Sale

Spring is here, and its time for Crosshair's annual Mystery Tube sale!

Each mystery tube will contain five prints culled from the Crosshair archive. These could include editioned posters and art prints, scratch-and-dent items, wall copies, non-editioned overages, and prints with stray unmasked printers' marks or other assorted quirks that kept them out of the editions proper. A tube may contain rarities, oddities and/or stragglers from sold-out editions. What it will NOT contain is off-register production seconds, scrap paper and trash.

Each tube is $40 including free shipping within the USA.
A limited quantity of tubes is available! First come = first served, and the sale ends when the tubes are gone.

Buy them at the Crosshair Store 

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