Monday, April 6, 2015

Taylor White Offering Print Release

Taylor White has a new "Offering" for her fans through 1xRUN today as they are dropping her new print.

"This is one of a few springboard pieces into my visual exploration of bodies in motion. It evolved from the idea of the phenomenal impact of the human body in space, the dance of the soul and flow of forms colliding. When using the body as a tool of explosive expression, one dares to take the journey into a territory which requires immense trust, the sacrifice of oneself on the alter of vulnerability. Dance, if done fully and authentically, renders the soul completely raw.

I started studying a form of modern dance called Contact Improvisation, and that study has opened me up to a new set of curiosities which I’ve been able to explore both physically in space, and visually on the page. It became about the point of surrender, of sacrifice of the ego and all its trappings. To 'dance' on paper has been entirely mind-opening and I’ve tackled it with a renewed spirit." - Taylor White

Along with this print you will have you choice of getting one hand embellished as well as 11 original pieces of work too.

They all go on sale at NOON EDT at

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