Thursday, April 2, 2015

Vasco Valentim Steve Gunn Tour Poster

Vasco Valentim is a Portuguese artist who just released a poster for the Steve Gunn European Tour.

The 3 color hand screen printed poster is a limited edition run of 70 posters designed and produced by Chá de Polpa for Steve Gunn's European Tour, Fall 2014.
Measurements: 40 x 55 cm poster with white border.
250gr paper / French cotton-based paper.
Signed & Numbered.

I asked him about the design:
The idea behind this piece was to illustrate this really incredible and heavy storm. A really dense, elegant and complex windy landscape that surrounds and embraces at the same time this small house at the bottom, from where some sort of magic or power is emerging...
This somehow represents the album tunes, the multi layered music of Steve Gunn.
Steve Gunn is a folk / guitarist virtuoso. Recently he has gained more and more visibility, playing at Pitchfork Festival or SWSW 2015. In this tour he opened for War on Drugs.

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