Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Chris Skinner Street Trash Movie Poster Release From Skuzzles

This will be Skuzzle's second limited edition screen print movie poster release that includes a free 1.5" soft enamel glow in the dark pin for the first 100 orders.

When starting Skuzzles, they had a list of 20 some odd films that they wanted to create a limited edition screen print movie poster for and Street Trash was one of them. Growing up in the days of video stores, they would spend hours gawking at VHS box art. One film with box art that always deserved a meticulous analysis was the original (North American) Street Trash release. Through the eyes of a young lad, it didn't matter what the film was about, the box art had a guy melting to pieces through a grimy looking toilet. The first time they watched Street Trash was by far not the last, it still holds up as one of their all time favorite cult horror comedies. Street Trash is a film that they hold in high regard and theycouldn't be happier with the colors, style and composition that Chris Skinner executed on this poster. The end result is an epic cornucopia of awesomeness that captures so many aspects of Street Trash. As limited edition screen print movie poster collectors, and huge fans of Street Trash, they are extremely happy to offer a Skuzzles Street Trash poster.

Street Trash by Chris Skinner - Regular Edition
Limited Edition of 100
10 Color screen print
18 x 24 Inches 

Street Trash by Chris Skinner - Variant Edition
Limited Edition of 50
4 Color screen print on black paper
18 x 24 Inches

FREE $10 BONUS GIFT The first 100 Street Trash limited edition screen print movie posters sold comes with a free 1.5" Tenafly Viper pin. This is a 6 color soft enamel pin with a glow-in-the-dark blue. It comes with 2 back clutches. Designed by Chris Skinner. (disclaimer: Do not drink this pin...)

ON SALE Wednesday April 6th at 1:00PM EDT at Skuzzles.com

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