Monday, April 4, 2016

Raid71 Mystery Tube Sale & Golden Ticket EXCLUSIVE Details

Featuring exclusive chance to win a ‘GOLDEN TICKET’ for a 1/1 personal screen print, rare collectible posters& 10 sketches

Would you like to own an exclusive Totoro screen print? Or maybe Star Wars is your thing? It could be Blade Runner or some obscure 70's film, anything you want you decide and it'll be a RARE edition of 1!

Raid71 will be holding a Mystery Tube Sale on Wednesday 6th April 6pm BST (10am PDT, 1pm EDT) with only 100 tubes available.

This will be an amazing opportunity to get hold of some highly collectible and sought after screen prints (Artist Proofs & Printer Proofs) many that have previously been sold out AND an awesome chance to win a ‘Golden Ticket’ - your own personal screen print (1/1 ) designed by Raid71& signed (with the subject matter chosen by the Golden Ticket holder).

Each mystery tube will contain 4-5 awesome prints and/or sketches, signed/numbered. With one of those mystery tubes, containing the ‘Golden Ticket’. For an idea of what prints will be feature in the Mystery Tube sale, continue reading…

Mead Streets (BladeRunner), 2001 Space Odyssey GID (Glow In The Dark), The Warriors, Here Goes Nothing (StarWars), Father's day (StarWars), Urban Sprawl (Judge Dredd), RAY What were you thinking? GID (Ghostbusters), Spider-man Vs Venom (RARE), Spider-man Vs Venom (Original AP Run), About Town (Taxi Driver), Shadow Warriors (TMNT), Art Makes The Man, Art Makes The Man Variant, Spinner, Cultural Impact – Red, Sinister City (Spider-man), Sinister City Variant (Spider-man), Dr Octopus (RARE, Spider-man), Akira - Subject 41, Akira - The Truth About Power, Whisper of The Heart AP, DareDevil, Don't Walk (Blade Runner).

• 4-5 different prints each tube, please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping.
• All prints shipped with tracking information, shipped worldwide.
• Please note, a few prints have very minor dings, creases etc.
• Other prints will include a selection of current screen prints, sketches and some exclusive rare giclee prints.


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